404 - Morals not found: Who benefits from trustworthy technology?

An event recap from 29 February 2024 at IPAI, Heilbronn.


Ferdinand Ferroli

3/4/20242 min read

HEILBRONN, March 3, 2024 – On 29 February 2024, in a discussion hosted by Identity Valley in Heilbronn's "Ipai" Innovation Park, the focus was placed on the pivotal theme of responsible technology and who benefits from their proliferation. As the Ipai aims to become a central hub in Europe for this critical issue, the conversation revealed a consensus on the objective but diverged on the methods to achieve it. The debate centered around whether increased regulation is the key to fostering trust in AI technologies.

Jutta Juliane Meier, founder of Identity Valley, emphasized the necessity of voluntary as well as regulatory frameworks to carve out Europe’s stance on emerging digital technologies, differentiating it from the unregulated practices in the US and the tight governmental control seen in China. The goal is to center human welfare in the AI narrative, ensuring that technological advancements enhance, rather than detract from, societal well-being.

Andreas Weiss, managing director of the Eco Association, presented a critical perspective on regulation. He highlighted the pitfalls of GDPR, where the intended protection for users turned into a nuisance, inadvertently achieving the opposite of its goal. This anecdote served as a cautionary tale for AI regulation, stressing the importance of balancing oversight with the innate dynamism of the internet and technology sectors.

The conversation also explored practical examples of AI application, with the Stephan Ilaender from STACKIT illustrating how digital innovation, including AI, becomes a strategic pillar alongside production, trade, and disposal to mitigate dependency and propel value creation. This example highlighted the dual challenge of leveraging AI for economic growth while navigating ethical considerations and intellectual property rights.

Ferdinand Ferroli of Identity Valley and Andrea Martin, a top manager at IBM and newly appointed member of the German Federal Government's Scientific Council, both saw certification as an opportunity for responsible companies to gain a competitive edge through rankings and seals of approval.

This event not only illuminated the multifaceted challenges of achieving trustworthy AI but also showcased Identity Valley’s leadership in advocating for a balanced approach that harmonizes regulation with innovation. The discussions marked a significant step towards fostering a digital ecosystem where trust, ethics, and sustainability are at the core of AI development, pointing the way forward for Europe and beyond.
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