Lighthouse Project

TEAM-X and HEALTH-X dataLOFT are Gaia-X Lighthouse Projects

Silke Weich


UNKEL, March 19, 2024 Identity Valley is one of the consortium partners in the TEAM-X research project, which is working together on the trustworthy and secure use of patient data in the healthcare sector. TEAM-X and HEALTH-X dataLOFT have commonly been appointed as Gaia-X Lighthouse project. Together with HEALTH-X dataLOFT, TEAM-X is developing and implementing a secure and trustworthy digital health data ecosystem based on the Gaia-X infrastructure. Gaia-X technology is used to integrate modern health data platforms.

Lighthouse projects for the digital future

Gaia-X is working to build a powerful data infrastructure for Europe that is competitive, secure and trustworthy. The Lighthouse projects aim at progressing the management of the digital transformation. Together, they form a platform for data exchange, with a clear focus on transparency and trustworthiness. In addition to the healthcare projects, the Lighthouse projects also include other projects in agriculture, mobility and production.

Health data at the center

TEAM-X aims to make health data, which is often difficult to access, more accessable to patients, doctors and nursing staff. The solutions developed so far are practically illustrated in two use cases: Women's health and a digital care platform for inpatient and outpatient care for the elderly. The systems are being developed on the basis of Gaia-X, taking ethical, legal and social aspects into account. It is essential that the data is stored securely under the patient's control and that its use can be fully documented. Identity Valley also incorporates the Digital Responsibility Goals as a value framework and guiding principle for trustworthy digital solutions. To this end, TEAM-X is researching how digital responsibility can be taken into account from the design stage through development to implementation.

About TEAM-X

TEAM-X is a network consisting of ten consortium partners and three cooperation partners from various specialist areas. It develops technical solutions such as the cloud-edge approach of the TEAM-X data ecosystem and examines ethical, legal and social implications. Since January 1, 2022, TEAM-X has been working for a period of three years on strengthening the ability and self-determination of the population in dealing with their health and care data as well as on the digital competence and innovative strength of the health and care sector.
The project is funded by the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.